Is an open marriage a happier marriage?

in the New York Times

This article provides a look at couples who have opened up their marriages. It addresses some interesting dilemmas such as jealousy and the fact that it is often one spouse who proposes and is enthusiastic about opening up a marriage. What the article does not explore are the concepts of polyamory or even swinging. These, I think, are left out because they do not fit into the scope of the journalist's interest or research, and also because polyamory diverges so radically from the notice of dyadic relationships and monogamy. When I read the comment section, I could see that perhaps the NYT's readers, no matter how liberal, weren't quite ready to explore the notion of expansive love-- this may have been because the journalist presented these couples as searching for a solution to a problem in their marriages and monogamy as the de facto "right way" to have a relationship. This perspective makes consensual non-monogamy at large an easy target for criticism. The journalist also failed to explore the specific benefits of consensual non-monogamy. But she is a beginner. Everyone has to start somewhere.