• Let's date together

    A companion for the sexually adventurous couple



    Discover why couples choose

    swinging, polyamory and ethical non-monogamy




  • A show-and-tell–all about the erotic and sometimes tender world of kinky sex, swinging, and polyamory.


    With a distinctly female perspective, the authors weave psychology, fiction, and personal insights—bringing this little-known world alive.


    You’ll leave a little hot, a little bothered, and a little smarter about why your sexual imagination is not monogamous even if you are.



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    From Manhattan to a hippy enclave in Goa, Sam Travis strives to be somebody but discovers the freedom of being Nobody.


    An iUniverse Editor's Choice Novel

  • Speaking & Workshops

    "I met Lisa & Jim because destiny was feeling cheerful that day, and I thank her for that. This couple combines knowledge, respect and good humor on a topic that they are experts in. People who attend their workshops at Sex Academy Barcelona get first hand answers to questions they had only dared to ask themselves. This book may answer some of those questions and surely awaken new ones."
    Laila Pilgren, Founder www.sexacademybarcelona.com

    Our custom presentations and workshops are designed to facilitate honest discussions about intimate, non-traditional relationships. Participants in these workshop can explore polyamory, consensual non-monogamy and other forms of non-traditional relationship agreements with factual information and without judgement.


  • Soho Barcelona - 8, July

    Workshop & Book signing

    The authors of Let’s Date Together, Jim and Lisa Morrison, explore emerging trends in non-monogamy, from swinging to polyamory with an open, honest discussion about the impact consensual non-monogamy has on relationships and the reasons why people, including the authors, choose non-traditional relationship agreements. A book signing follows. Location: La Marina Language: English

    Book Signing

    Meet & Greet

    27 June, 2019

    Please Join Us At

    Cafe 02Bizoux

    Port Nature, Village Naturiste

    Cap d'Agde, France


    Let's Date Together - London

    Presentation & Book Launch

    Electric House - Notting Hill

    26 February 2019

    A discussion about ethical non-monogamy

    and the official launch of Let's Date Together

    Let's Date Together 


    Soho House Istanbul

    12 February 2019

    A discussion about ethical non-monogamy in beautiful Istanbul.

    Let's Date Together


    Eros Street festival, Barcelona

    May 2018


    A discussion about the facts of non-traditional relationship agreements and how they can benefit couples.

    Let's Date Together


    Soho House, Barcelona

    June 2018

    Lisa and Jim explore the reasons for and the practical realities of sexual adventure and non-traditional relationship agreements.

  • authors

    LISA MORRISON is a psychiatric psychotherapist practicing in clinical and hospital settings. Between seeing clients, Lisa writes, reads and occasionally performs her original poetry. She is the mother of two adolescents.


    JIM MORRISON is a father of three, an entrepreneur, and a writer. Jim founded eyeglass.com and developed several patents to deliver eye care to the underprivileged. His debut novel, Nobody, was an iUniverse Editor's Choice selection.


    Jim and Lisa live in Barcelona and the US.

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